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Adrenal Rehab

Strengthening adrenal function is critical to the healthy function of the entire body. Weakened adrenals negatively impact the body in many areas particularly its ability to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and a strong, active immune system. Having said that we must add that rehabilitating a weakened adrenal system often includes modifying or eliminating habits or lifestyle factors that tend to weaken the adrenal system.

The Chinese wisdom of yin and yang apply to life as restful, nurturing, healing (yin) or as revved up, exciting, taking care of business (yang). The obvious key to being well is finding a balance in the activities of life. From the dietary perspective reducing sugar, refined flour, harmful fats and caffeine is a necessary first step to support healthy adrenal function. Harmful exercise regimens (no pain, no gain and extreme cardio) need to be put aside in favor of tai chi, yoga, or a pleasant walk.

In our fast paced, quick-fix world it is tempting to approach any healing regimen with the magic Pill approach. While we do use products that assist the adrenal system in rebalancing itself, they play a small role overall. The most important aspect of adrenal rehab is a personal commitment to change unhealthy lifestyle habits . Making healthy changes in food choices and in the pace of your life will often soothe and heal an overworked adrenal system.