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Digestion, Health and Nutrition

Ancestry and Risk for IR

The physiologic and metabolic pathways in the human body are complex and have evolved over centuries to make optimal use of unrefined, whole foods. Sugars were only experienced in fruits and vegetables and fiber was a staple of the diet.

Animal protein was infrequent and fats were a luxury. Look at your heritage, what did your great grandparents eat? Their diet probably consisted of a variety of legumes, squash, root and cruciferous vegetables, seasonal leafy greens and whole grains with meat for a special occasion. You need to eat like your great grandparents did. If you’re ancestry includes Latino, African American, Native American, Celtic or Scottish your risk for being extra sensitive to simple carbohydrates is HUGE. IR is linked to obesity, heart disease, cancer and type II diabetes.

ry to get back to simple, whole foods that nourish the heart and soul.