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Ideal Regulation of Glucose

Normal glucose/insulin interaction goes something like the following: About 30 – 60 minutes following a carbohydrate-containing meal glucose enters your blood stream raising blood glucose levels. This event triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas. There is a range for blood glucose levels that, if maintained, insures optimal physical and mental function. The release of insulin will aid the body in gradually bringing rising glucose levels back into this ideal range. Both insulin and glucose levels rise slowly, in parallel, and return to normal in much the same way. This interaction does not occur as a solitary activity away from other systems in the body. Regulation of blood sugar is a complex process requiring input from other organs such as the liver and adrenal glands.

When you frequently consume foods high in simple carbohydrates, your body’s ability to maintain a normal glucose/insulin balance is taxed. Reliance on sugary foods and foods containing refined or processed grains support the development of serious blood sugar disorders.