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Digestion, Health and Nutrition

Digestive Enzyme Activity and Allergic Symptoms

Food particles that are not reduced to microscopic size pose a problem. As food nutrients leave the intestinal tract they are transported to the liver via the portal vein. Partially digested food particles carry chemical labels called antigens. These antigens identify all particles in our blood as self or non-self. Fully digested food is unlikely to have an antigen marker that catches the attention of our immune cells. But partially digested food particles are met with an immune onslaught and treated as foreign invaders that require neutralization by antibodies from our own immune white blood cells (antibody/antigen reactions = allergic reactions).

Long standing gastrointestinal under functioning places a burden on your immune system by constantly initiating a histamine release. Many people experience a significant reduction of allergy/asthma symptoms when they add digestive enzymes to each meal.