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Adrenal Function

If you are here it’s probably because you are feeling exhausted, experiencing frequent colds and other infections, or you may have read about or been told that you have symptoms of adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal fatigue closely partners with blood sugar instability so you may want to go to that section if you haven’t already read about blood sugar imbalances.

Adrenal fatigued people constantly need to whip themselves into a frenzy of activity in order to keep going and in moments when they should be able to relax completely they find it difficult to calm down and turn off the noise in their head. As the adrenal system gets pushed farther and farther into disharmony a person may find that their sleep patterns begin to change, they stay up later and later in order to get tired enough to fall asleep and have difficulty waking refreshed. Using a variety of stimulants like sugar, caffeine or tobacco throughout the day then using alcohol to relax weakens the adrenal system.

The adrenal glands are an integral part of the endocrine system and as such any adrenal dysfunction will ultimately affect many other systems in the body leading to declining health and ultimately immune failure. This series of questions was designed to help you determine if this is an area of health that may require your attention.

The Adrenal Function Assessment

Please answer the following questions using the following:
(0) never, rarely (1) twice a week or less (2) twice a week or more (3) daily

Question #1Light headed, especially upon rising from a prone or sitting position

Question #2Using sugary foods, caffeine, tobacco or other stimulants to get going.

Question #3Crave salty foods

Question #4Frequent infections, allergies or asthma

Question #5Feeling exhausted in the morning upon awakening

Question #6Difficulty getting asleep or staying asleep

Question #7Excessive anxiety

Question #8Inability to relax after a tense or stressful situation

Question #9Use a cortisone inhaler

Question #10Intolerance to exercise

Question #11Low blood pressure

Question #12Foggy thinking

Question #13Difficulty losing weight

The Results:

Calculate your total score:

Add all digits from each question above.

What does this mean?
If you had a total score of 8 or more, adrenal fatigue may be a part of your health profile. To learn more about achieving and maintaining healthy adrenals go to Nutrition 101.

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