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Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels need to be maintained in an optimal range to support proper mental function and energetic processes. A person with fluctuating blood sugar can expect to experience moodiness and/or a craving for sweets, bread or other starches or alcohol. Other symptoms include difficulty staying focused, fatigue headache or shakiness.

Where do you stand in regards to your blood sugar? Answer the following questions.

The Blood Sugar Assessment

Please answer the following questions using the following:
(0) never, rarely (1) twice a week or less (2) twice a week or more (3) daily

Question #1Crave a lift from sweets but later experience a drop in energy or mood after eating them

Question #2Crave salty foods

Question #3Dark circles under eyes

Question #4Awakening at night, difficulty getting back to sleep

Question #5Frequent infections, allergies, or asthma, especially when the weather changes

Question #6Use sugary foods, caffeine, tobacco, or other stimulants to get going or to keep you going

Question #7High cholesterol/triglycerides

Question #8Family history of diabetes, heart disease or alcoholism

Question #9Skip breakfast

Question #10Ancestry link to Western Europe, Mexico, Africa or Native American

The Results:

Calculate your total score:

Add all digits from each question above.

What does this mean?
A total score of 5 or more or answering yes to questions #7 – #9 may indicate that you are carbohydrate intolerant. Reduce your intake of sugary foods and products made with white flour.

For more information, click on Nutrition 101 and the information concerning macronutrients as well as the interactions of glucose, insulin and glycemic load.

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