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Digestive Function

You have probably landed here if you are one of millions of people who suffer from some degree of digestive dysfunction. Your ability to fully absorb nutrients from the foods you eat is dependent upon optimal enzyme activity. Poor digestive enzyme function can lead to malnutrition as well as to the episodes of allergic reactions to substances in our external and/or internal environment.

Normal bowel function depends upon enzyme quantity and quality. A history of constipation or acid reflux disorder reflects poor digestive enzyme activity.

The Digestive Function Assessment

Please answer the following questions using the following:
(0) never, rarely (1) twice a week or less (2) twice a week or more (3) daily

Question #1

Experience bloating after meals

Question #2

Develop bowel gas within an hour following meal

Question #3

Regurgitate food, frequent belching following meal

Question #4

History of allergies, sinus congestion

Question #5


Question #6

Digestive discomfort following meals

Question #7

Heartburn several times a week

Question #8


Question #9


Question #10

Medical diagnosis of acid reflux disorder

The Results:

Calculate your total score:

Add all digits from each question above.

What does this mean?
Answering yes to #4 or a total score of 4 or more indicates that digestive enzymes would likely be of benefit to you. For information about digestion in general click on Nutrition 101. You can shop for digestive enzyme on our Products page.

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