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Fatty Acid Sufficiency

Here you find out if you would benefit from adding healthy fats to your diet. Fatty acids are found in certain fats and oils that are largely deficient in the American diet. Fatty acids aid the body in burning excess body fat, improving your body fat to lean muscle ratio, help lift depression, maintain mental stability and concentration, reduce carbohydrate (sugar/bread) cravings, reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritic joints and make hair and skin lustrous.

If you find yourself frequently craving or munching away on fatty foods your body is trying to get a message to you “Feed me fats, I’m in trouble.” The fact is, your body will take on the harmful fats found in chips, cheese, and packaged snack foods just to keep your body functioning. But the price you pay is declining health. Your answers to these survey questions will help you to determine if you are eating the right kinds of fats and oils.

The Fatty Acid Assessment

Please answer the following questions using the following:
(0) never, rarely (1) twice a week or less (2) twice a week or more (3) daily

Question #1

Crave chips, cheese and other rich foods

Question #2

Feeling depressed

Question #3

Difficulty with attention or focus

Question #4

Poor memory or learning difficulties

Question #5

Light colored stools, or stools that float

Question #6

Have ancestry that includes Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Scandinavian or coastal Native American

Question #7

History of hepatitis or gallbladder problems

Question #8

Dry, flaky skin

Question #9

Difficulty losing weight

Question #10

Family history that includes alcoholism and/or depression

Question #11

High cholesterol/ low HL levels

The Results:

Calculate your total score:

Add all digits from each question above.

What does this mean?
There is a strong correlation to ancestry and the need for certain essential oils, so if you answered yes to #6 consider adding EPA/DHA (fish oil) to your nutrition regimen. A score of five or more is an indication of the need for essential fatty acid supplementation. If you are one of those people who has difficulty losing weight, essential fatty acids are for you. It is well documented that resistant depression can be lifted by adding EPA/DHA to the diet.

Fish are contaminated with toxins like mercury and PCB’s. Beware when buying EPA/DHA that purity of the oil is assured.

If you answered no to question #6 but yes to other questions or had a total score above five, adding flax seed or borage oil to your diet is recommended. Flax seed oil may be used as a salad dressing or added to protein smoothies in the amount of one tablespoon to eight ounces of liquid. Try to have a tablespoon of flax seed oil daily. In addition to flax seed oil take one 1000mg borage oil capsules two to three times daily with food.

Want to stoke the fat burning activity of the liver?

Try CLA Conjugated linoleic acid; this is a terrific product to use when attempting to decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle.

To learn more about fats, oils and essential fatty acids please go to Nutrition 101.

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